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Eye Contact Experiment

Where has the human connection gone?

Come join me at Peace Love Yoga Fest 2017 and let's share a minutes eye contact with strangers to rebuild our sense of shared humanity. The purpose of this is to create a moment of meaningful human connection, to connect with yourself and with others on a deeper level. 

The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment is a global event that was created by The Liberators International. This event is held in October involving over 160 cities inspiring the world to share authentic eye contact and connection in public.

Get Real on Race: A Roundtable on Diversity and Inclusion in the Personal Development Industry
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Get Real on Race: A Roundtable on Diversity and Inclusion in the Personal Development Industry

Inner Glow Circle is proud to announce its first public effort to address the elephant in the room. We want to know: does the women’s personal development industry have a diversity problem?

On March 7th at 7pm EST, IGC will host Get Real on Race: A Roundtable on Diversity and Inclusion in the Personal Development Industry. Through this 90-minute video conference, Inner Glow Circle will connect with 9 influential women from across the personal development space.

Participants will share personal insights on how to establish safe spaces where people of diverse backgrounds can enjoy equitable co-existence in the coaching industry, the unique support needed by women of color and what is generally missing from the industry to support diversity and inclusion. We will also touch on diversity of sexual identity, religion, socioeconomics and experience, big conversations that have come up lately in IGC as well.

We hope you’ll join us for our free training… 
Get Real on Race: 
A Roundtable on Diversity and Inclusion in the Personal Development Industry
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Jan 29

Natalie Orozco: Winter Dreaming Ceremony

  • In the DC/VA/MD area

Join Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Natalie Orozco for an all night event. 

The evening will consist of 4 ceremonial spaces:

  1. Guides will burn a Sacred Fire all night so that you can converse with god, life, all that is and reflect on your past year.
  2. A Cacao ceremony will be offered to ignite the journey -- this is an ancient Mayan ritual to stimulate divination and lucid dreaming. Various teas and crystal bowl sound healings will continue to be offered in this space throughout the night.
  3. A vision board station will be offered so that you can harvest the gems you have collected from 2016
  4. A prayer bundle station will give you the opportunity to plant your prayers or dream seeds for the coming new year

On Sunday morning, participants will have an opportunity to nap, join a sound healing session, or wake up with a gentle Asana yoga practice. Breakfast will be served to the group and space for reflection and discussion will be available.  

Registration for this event opens on December 23rd. 

I am honored to be a ceremony guide for Natalie's event. I've previously been a participant in Natalie's ceremonies and encourage you to attend. Natalie's energy allows you to comfortably be open and engaged. Her inspirational teachings leave you with many takeaways. 

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Workshop: Overcoming resistance to living your authentic life

  • With Love DC

Through open, guided discussion, participants will define resistance that comes into their life and determine how this brings up challenges. With self-examination, sharing and working with partners to collaborate thoughts, they will be able to take practices away with them that will aid in the recognizing and removing of their resistance. The purpose of this space is to be confidential, welcoming and open so that participants will feel at ease with sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Please bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit on.

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